5 Things You Must Avoid While Using Stumbleupon

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In my previous article on 5 tips to get viral traffic from stumbleupon I have pointed out some most important and

key steps that every stumbler should take to make his profile more better,more attractive and more reliable.But did

you ever think that how can you make your profile more safe to eliminate the risk of being banned permanently by

the stumbleupon administration?I think even 95 % of the stumblers never thought about it,but trust me it’s serious issue.

Imagine you have an SU account with more the 10K favorites with round about 1500 followers and something about  400

following and have a quite reasonable number of reviews to have good ranking among some of the top stumblers

and next day when you sign in to your SU account and find something like this you are watching in the figure below:


What is this? your profile picture just dissappeared , not only this when you try to share anything with your friends

you can’t, even you cannot follow or unfollow a stumbler neither you are able to send a personal message to any

stumbler.This situation shows that your account is on the verge of being blocked and in other words you can say

that your account has been permanently banned.Obviously your account has gone under review by the SU team

that will never be regained again.Why this happen and what are those illegal activities and bad manners you should

avoid doing with stumbleupon, lets have a look.

1. Stumbleupon is a large social media network built with the keen interest of delivering the user with the most

targetted content required.Many stumblers join stumbleupon only because they are bloggers and they just want

to promote their own pages and domains on SU.Remeber if you join SU only for this purpose then your bad days

are not too far from you,because a blogger who is a stumbler or a stumbler who is a blogger often share his own

pages to his fellow stumblers to get a burst of traffic which is a negative way to use SU and you will soon be caught by

the SU admin and your account will go under review.So giving you guys a tip those who are bloggers if you share

four pages daily then  just share only one personal page per day with your stumble fellows which contains quality

content that will save your account from beaing banned.

2.The 2nd most important thing that I saw on SU that most of the stumblers who are bloggers are in too much hurry

to make as much friends as thay can in one day and for that reason they follow people and to every stumbler they follow,

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send a message like”hi! I have followed You just follow me back” or whatever like this.So when they continous this

odd behaviour they are termed as spammers by the SU admin and thus increase their chances of getting banned.

3.The next thing is that don’t discover just your own website on SU try to discover as much different and unique web

pages as you can.Sharing and discovering are two different things on SU because once you discover a page it will be

included in the SU search index afterwards it’s upto SU server to give you targetted visitor according to your tags

and categories.

4. Right now most of the stumblers are using auto clicker softwares to empty their toolbar shares just to save their time,

it’s also risky for your account.Because the autoclickers are not multipoint clickers they just click on one point

automatically with pre-set time intervals thus you can only view the page of your fellow stumbler without liking it.So

when your follower comes to know this he will definitely unfollow you as I have filtered 140 stumblers from my list who

never gave me a single thumb up for my share.


5.There are people on stumbleupon who are not bloggers those people are using SU only for entertainment and to pass

their spare time,so I have a personal suggestion to you people that don’t follow such stumbler as he will never follow you

back ,below is a correct example of such stumblers.


Just look at this profile she is following only 99 people and have a huge list of followers atleast 3589and 54K discoveries,

so how can you say that she is using SU to promote her pages definitely not.



Try to filter out your mutual following stumblers list because there are many stumbler who just quit using stumbleupon

for months and you dont know about it.For this after every two weaks view the profiles of those stumblers with whom

you share your most content and unfollow him if he is inactive fot more then 2 weaks.Never follow a stumbler who is

inactive for more then 2 weaks or more and never send too many shares per day to your fellows as it irritates the

stumbler increasing the chances that he will unfollow you as you over burden his toolbar shares.


Extra tip : Dont follow a stumbler who is already following 500 stumblers as 500 is the limit for one account to follow

people because if you follow such a stumbler he can’t follow you back and allow toolbar share , it is just like you have

followed a useless stumbler.If you are a blogger then only those people are useful for you who follow you back with

toolbar shares allowed.

Article Written By Nicole

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2 thoughts on “5 Things You Must Avoid While Using Stumbleupon

  1. One question.
    When I get a site shared through my toolbar, I thumb it up. And many times as I notify the senders by replying that I have thumed it up, I get a message stating the person has reached the maximum number of pending shares and cannot receive more msgs. So does this mean that he/she cannot receive messages through replies or even when we share sites with them?
    In such cases, I stop following them immediately.
    • The case you are talking about when you receive a message from SU that the person cannot receive more shares is when the person whom you sending your shares is not regularly viewing his toolbar shares.Maximum 500 shares can be allowed for a user in his toolbar afterwards all your shares that wou will sent to that user will be rejected, untill he/she will not empty the toolbar shares.thanx

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