8 Photos That Shows Cellphones Can Be Used As Projectors





All cell phone development till now has attempted to make the cell phone as ligt as possible with as large and bright screen as possible. But these features oppose each other and hence the development had arrived at a stalemate. Not any more! With the development of cellphone projector concepts, the days of ultra light cell phones with extra large displays are not far away.

1. Sony Nextep – Mobile Phone with a Holographic Projector


2. Mozilla Seabird Concept Phone


3. Windows based mobile phone concept by Stefano Casanova


4. Mobile Projector Phone by Eun Young Kim


5. Nokia Pulse Pocket Projector Concept



6. Samsung Galaxy Flexi Skin Android Smarphone


7 .The Samsung Beam Projector Phone



8.The iPhone mili Projector


Source : designbuzz

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