9 Most Futuristc & Expensive Floating Homes In The World







House boats are an amazing innovation, floating homes away from home in which we can relax in more free and open spaces than virtually anywhere on land. The best houseboat designs combine privacy and mobility, livability and functionality. From all-out portable yachts to mostly-immobile these boat-based houses may just make you green with envy (or that could be the sea sickness starting).


1.Split-Level Houseboat: Half Sits on Surface, Half Underwater


This modern-but-site-specific dutch houseboat was designed by Plus31, and even in the packed residential waterways of Amsterdam it will definitely stand out from the crowd.



2.Uboat: Urban Houseboat for City Canals, Lakes & Streams



Some might find the rectilinear form fairly banal, but others will see it as a welcome relief from unrealistically-curved and otherwise-impractical concept designs – likely less about a mass-producible future than about an individual fantasy.



3.Half-Floating Home: Semi-Submerged Two-Story Houseboat



Designed (unsurprisingly) by a Dutch firm, WaterStudio, this represents another potential direction for architecture in an area of the world long subjected to changing water levels. Instead of forcing inhabitants to enjoy only surface benefits of such an arrangement, they have created a simple method for layering the experience of living on the water … while taking advantage of the natural privacy that exists in the murky depths below.



4. Floating Green Home Sets Sail w/ Solar Panel Power System


The title has a bit of a wordplay mystery: called the “Last Resort”, this floating house is perhaps a safer way to escape the end of the world than a land-locked bomb shelter would be, though, and certainly more stylish setting from which to watch the planet implode.

5.Luxury Yacht + Portable Pool = Safe Deep-Ocean Swimming



The back and sides of the extending section slide out smoothly from the back of the boat, while flip-down panels fold into place. The folding action for the bottom part is essential to avoid conflict with the underwater motor, centered underneath the main hull of the yacht.



6.Flying ‘Air Cruise’ Ship: Luxury Living by Land, Sea & Sky



Private duplex living, dining and sleeping spaces in individual apartments are complemented in this concept by bar, lounge and other community spaces. And how long would it take to travel? Cruising speeds are estimated at being around the same as those of sea-faring ships, meaning you could make it halfway around the world in a few days depending upon the weather – and which places your airship plans to stop along the way. Of course, you have to dock sometimes – or maybe that is just a yet-unsolved design problem for those who wish to remain permanently aloft!



7.Used River Barges into Luxury Houseboat Rentals-for-Hire





8.Natural Curves: Organic ‘Wood Wave’ Floating Home Design


The repetitive use of wood both inside and out also enhances the nautical theme of the home, giving residents the abstract sense that they are within a curved sea-faring wooden vessel as much as they are floating inside of a house. Wide-open views of the water are balanced by beautiful but privacy-protecting wood-shingled surfaces on the dock side of the structure.



9.Anthropomorphic + Futuristic = Fantastic Floating Homes


The smaller and simpler (both adjectives applied relative to its bigger brother of course) version of this spectacular design is the Infinitas, with a more sleek and streamlined profile and a semi-enclosed on-board swimming pool in the center but underneath the shell.


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  1. Fiza says:
    wow it’s amazing concept, such an incredible……
  2. Happy Camper says:
    Living in a houseboat would be amazing, but i still prefer staying in a normal house planted on normal ground. If you are a person who enjoys having something different and unique in your life, living in a houseboat might as well suit you.

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