Futuristic Mobile Phone Concepts




Not so long ago, the popular check phone was Nokia 3310 with mere basic functions: call, text messaging and the only bearable game, snake. However, significant improvement has been made since then. There are many concept phones out there created by designers around the world that come with sleek designs and state-of-the-art technologies. Even though these concept phones may attract the eyes of users, but phone companies such as Nokia and Samsung are unwilling to bring them to commercial purposes due to the hefty production cost.


Next Generation iPhone Concept with  Palm Interface

Vertu Suave, the Feminine Pink Gold Phone of 2015

Magic Stone Phone Concept

Provoke 2012 Phone Concept

Bellperre’s bespoken luxury cell phone blends fashion with tech

Cadillac Life Phone

Motorola Briq

Rumen Penev Slider Phone

Futuristic iPhone

Titanium iPhone

iPhone ELITE

iPhone Slider Qwerty


Alcatel Lego Phone

Asus Aura

The Glassy Glassy Mobile Phone


Black Box

Dark Label Retroxis Phone

Bracelet Phone

Intel MID

Sony Black Tribute

Nokia Pulse Projector

Quartz Tele (Illuminated Crystal Phone)

Touch Screen Rotary phone

Samsung BRIX

Sony Ericsson C918 Cyber-shot

Samsung SLIQ

iWish (iPhone + PSP)

Nokia Aeon

Motorola Nest

Windows Unveils Phone of Future

Apple iPhone Nano

iPhone with iChat

Sony Ericsson Concept Phone

“What You See Is What You Get”

Windows Mobile 7

BenQSiemens Snake phone

BYB Balance



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