Lolly makes waffles on a stick



Any food that you can put on a stick just becomes ten times better.  Thankfully now instead of just sitting at a table and cutting up your waffles like you do every single time, you can eat your waffles off of a stick.  I’d bet you didn’t think that waffles could get any better, but they just did.  With this odd little waffle iron you’ll be able to eat your waffles in the proper manner.

The waffles on a stick aren’t exactly short either, each one measures 9.4 inches long.  When it cooks a round for you, it can make sure they’re cooked in just under 2 minutes.  The Lolly Waffle Iron looks like it works like your average waffle iron, it just happens to involve sticks.  You can purchase one for €715 or about $894.  Sorry, it’s by no means a cheap novelty kitchen item.

Source: Geekologie

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  1. Chase says:
    That was interesting . I like your quality that you put into your work. Please do continue with more like this.

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