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After the uncountable rolling out of smartphones,tablets and netbooks now its turn for virtual and interactive computer user interface.The holographic and virtual computers have an awesome feature of being small in size and highly efficient and affordable in energy consumption.The holographic computers and the virtual computers are easy to use and provides the user with high end portability,here is a list of the most astounding holographic and virtual computer concepts exists in the market so far.


Tribons Is A Vision of Future Computer System Technology by FrogDesign



By using Tribons, an urban child would be introduced to the natural and biological world, and similarly, a rural child can enhance their knowledge about the urban landscape. The accessories developed to comprise an earpiece that is controlled by a spontaneous 3D interface that projects various educational materials and features a safety system that allows parents track their children. Not only that, this gadget includes an additional medical module that offers surveillance of the wearer’s health parameters that will take care in case of chronic sickness and the probability of injuries.


HOLO 2.0 : Future Wearable Computer for 2015


HOLO 2.0 uses kinetically chargeable battery, the power source is generated from the kinetic movements of your hand. It features an interactive holographic display to establish a connection between the user and the device itself. Could we change it into a desktop computer? Well, yes, this device comes with a docking station to emit a larger holographic display which you can use as a desktop computer display at the convenient of your home or office. The main strength of this gadget is its minimal size but with a complete function as a laptop. The dimension is: 140mm (length), 20mm (width), 2.5mm (minimum thickness), and 10mm (maximum thickness).


Apple “Spice” PC Concept from Fred de Garilhe


The main idea was to create a personal computer that doesn’t look like a plastic box, and could really put a design touch on a desk. To arrive to Spice PC, Fred decided to use an infra-red system for the keyboard, that will appear like a magic item on your desk… same concept for the screen, that he wanted integrated to the tower, and use a video projector system, that permit the computer to show all content on a simple wall. Forget about your old square shape PC, Fred bring a new meaning in Personal Computer casing design.


Futurist Holographic Computer By Jakub Záho

The computer user attaches the “central unit” to any glass surface from a window to a glass top desk to a coffee table, then turns on the power, the unit scans the surface and projects an interactive holographic display that is touch operated.It is projected to be used as a multi-function device that could theoretically replace a projector, laptop, tablet and more. We would like to see the concept work on any flat surface, but for now, the concept relies on glass.


 Fujitsu Eco Toucpad

designer’s own words:
Electricity is made automatically simply by using your ‘ecopad’. currently commercialized tablet PCs and smart phones
have a very limited battery life – often not more than a day before having to be recharged. on average, people press their
touch screens over 10,000 times a day. the ‘ecopad’ does not require special charging from an adaptor.
instead, it generates electricity when a user presses the touch screen due to the nano piezoelectricity film that is
located below the display.


The Apple Mac Folder Concept Design

Is it next MacBook? no, but everyone likes to put their 2 cents in. It’s called the Mac Folder – not all that different from any other laptop but this could be the netbook everyone wants/expects Apple to make. The UI has been reworked to work more like the interfaces seen on the iPod Touch and iPhone and of course it has a multi-touch screen and OF COURSE it’s as thin as Kate Moss if not more.



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  1. Mark Trezise says:
    I can’t wait to have a HOLO computer of my own when it comes out.

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