Most High Tech Ultra Portable Laptop Concept Designs







Futuristic concept designs are very helpful for the buyers to understand which level of technology they are using and to which extent of advancement they can use their prevailing technology.Here I have collected a number of some of the world’s most high tech futuristic concept laptop designs that I have collected from various web resources,Lets have a close look.


Lenovo Ideapad U1 Hybrid



MITRA Cylindrical Shaped Portable PC



The Portable Toshiba Rx Tablet PC A Complete Hospital Solution



Stunning Asus Waveface Laptops



NetPad-The Ultimate Mobile Computer for Future



Moonlight Laptop Concept with Dual Curved Screens



Freescale Modular Netbook Based on ARM Technology



D-Roll Laptop Inside A Tube



Canova Dual Touch Screen Laptop



Tablet Mac Computer Concept



SmartBook : Mobility Computing Device Concept



Enchanting Folding-out Laptop With Utopian Specs



The Futuristic Vaio Zoom



Compenion – Visionary Personal Computer System by Felix Schmidberger



Canvas by Kyle Cherry


Source : tuvie,yankodesign,hongkiat

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One Comment on Most High Tech Ultra Portable Laptop Concept Designs

  1. gadget camera says:
    Great pics, its very sci-fi.

    Some of these designs are so beautiful and sleek. I particularly like the D-roll laptop although I don’t know if i’d want to carry one around.

    I love my laptop but how long do we want to keep using keyboards? Once voice activation and recognition technology takes hold, will keyboards be obsolete?


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