Ten Creative and Unique Apple Concepts






Instant Apple fame can be got by simply prefixing your design with an “i”; true? FALSE! It takes a lot more grit, determination, sweat and blood; and we can judge that by viewing the efforts of the following concepts. No matter how appealing and industrious they are, the truth is Apple wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole. Here’s a look at Ten Creative and Unique Apple Concept Designs that won’t come alive; EVER!


10) LMacTouch by Mayyen Chan



9. iRing by Victor Soto



8 ) iLight by Miyoshimasato



7) Sony Apple Remote by Jason Roebuck



6) iView by Nuno Teixeira



5) iShow by Moti Barzilay




4.The Macbook Touch Concept



3) Apple Mac Folder by Tryi Yeh



2) iSphere by Chris De Schryver



1) iWish by Mat Brady



Source : yankodesign

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