The Microsoft Campus..It’s Cool!!



Microsoft the world’s leading software and hardware manufacturing company entered the OS business in 1980 with its own version of Unix, called Xenix. However, it was DOS (Disk Operating System) that solidified the company’s dominance. After negotiations with Digital Research failed, IBM awarded a contract to Microsoft to provide a version of the CP/MOS, which was set to be used in the upcoming IBM Personal Computer (IBM PC).Let’s have a look at the awesome Microsoft’s headquarters.

Playing field at Microsoft’s campus

Microsoft Campus Basketball Field

Millenium Building F is where all the XBox development takes place

Outside the Microsoft CAMPUS Buildings

The Microsoft’s Maintenance Van

The Microsoft Courtyards

Microsoft’s place of celebration for the release of various applications and suites, such as Microsoft Office

Scoble’s Office at Microsoft

Microsoft Shanghai – Zizhu Building

Inside a Microsoft Campus Building

Inside the Microsoft Visitor Center

Microsoft Campus Lobby

Green water at Microsoft Campus

Microsoft Campus Walk

Microsoft Campus Lawn

Inside Microsoft’s Cafeteria

Inside Microsoft’s Cafeteria#2

Outside Microsoft Cafeteria

Microsoft Campus Randon Building

Source : geekpedia

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4 Comments on The Microsoft Campus..It’s Cool!!

  1. jenniefer says:
    best company in the world with best infrastructure..
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    great person with great ideas..
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  3. Shisha Hookah says:
    Wow, looks like a nice place to work
  4. Shisha Hookah says:
    This is really a nice place for working.

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