The World’s Weirdest Keyboards Ever Made




In the world of computer keyboards, the commonly held standard for layout and design is based on the 101-key IBM Enhanced AT Keyboard (aka the “Model M”, sometimes known as The World’s Greatest Keyboard). Keyboards following that standard have a QWERTY layout, a flat or slightly inclined rectangular shape, and keys situated (for the most part) where long-time computer users expect them. Nevertheless, even when computer makers try to adhere to that model, things can sometimes go horribly wrong.

1.SafeType Keyboard


2.iGrip Ergonomic Keyboard & Trackball

3.OrbiTouch Keyless Keyboard


4.abKey Revolution Keyboard


5.The Combimouse  keyboard

6.Dual-Handed Ergonomic 3D Keyboard


7.Grippity1.0 BackTyping Keyboard


8.USB Cooler Keyboard

9.Roll Up Keyboard

10 .Virtual Laser keyboard


Source : pcworld

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