Tomahawk The 8200 cc Monster Bike Is the World’s Fastest One





Tomahawk The 8200 cc Monster Bike claims to be one of the world’s most powerful and fastest bike ever made in the world history.Rumors are wandering that this giant size monster is selling right now with a price tag of $200,000, with following quite attractive technical specs and features:

1. 500 bhp (372 kW) @ 5600 rpm ( 60.4 bhp/liter); 525 lb.-ft. (712 Nm) @ 4200 rpm
2. 10-cylinder 90-degree V-type, liquid-cooled, 505 cubic inches (8277 cc)
3. 356-T6 aluminum alloy block with cast-iron liners, aluminum alloy cylinder heads
4. Bore x Stroke: 4.03 inches x 3.96 inches (102.4 x 100.6)
5. Two pushrod-actuated overhead valves per cylinder with roller-type hydraulic lifters
6. Sequential, multi-port electronic fuel injection with individual runners
7. Compression Ratio: 9.6:1
8. Max Engine Speed: 6000 rpm
9. Fuel Requirement: Unleaded premium, 93 octane (R+M/2)
10. Oil System: Dry Sump; takes 8 quarts Mobil1 10W30 Synthetic
11. Cooling System: Twin aluminum radiators mounted atop engine intake manifolds, force-fed from front-mounted, belt-driven turbine fan.
12. Takes 11 quarts of antifreeze.
13. Exhaust System: Equal-length tubular stainless steel headers with dual collectors and central rear outlets

Source : eface

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  1. says:

    Sorry but there is no way that that thing is the fastest in the world. That claim was made by the Chrysler marketing idiots when this POS hit the show circuit back it the 90s. It was based on the assumption that
    RPM X Drive Ratio X Tire size would yield a given top speed with out ANY consideration of real world factors. Traction, stability, wind resistance or even finding some one stupid enough to drive the thing at speed. To date this vehicle hasn’t even gone over parking lot speeds.

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