Top 5 Eco-Friendly Green Technologies Of The Year






I am in too much favor of eco-friendly technologies as well eco-friendly gadgets delivering more reasonable technological trends and environmental friendly inventions.Here are the top 5 eco-friendly green technologies of the year according to most web resources.


1.The Green Pass Energy Producing System



According to designer ”We pass through rotating gates at many checkpoints like train stations and amusement parks and we never give it a thought but there is a lot of potential mechanical energy that can be harnessed. The Green Pass is one such gate with a three-roller switch mechanism to trap, transfer and convert mechanical energy as you pass through its turnstiles.Green Pass is a 2010 Liteon Awards winning project”.


2.The Wind Cube power Generator


According to the designer ”Wind Cubes”, could potentially generate 21.6 kilowatt-hours per month. Times that by fifteen, and you’ve got 324 kw, the same amount the designers of this project note is the amount a family of four uses per month. Seems too perfect!The way these “cubes” work is to be attached to a wall (outside) with three screws, click the switch to activate, and sit back to enjoy the power your mother earth is providing. Multiple cubes can be connected to not only generate more power, but strengthen their collective structure, and the fans can be pulled out or pushed back and away depending on the weather”.

Source : yankodesign

3.The Solar Camera Strap



Most photographers use a sturdy camera strap while clicking pictures and here’s an idea that wants to capitalize on it. This is done by making the strap solar-savvy! Meaning, adding thin solar films across the width of the strap, so as to harness solar energy when out on the field. Aptly christened the Solar Camera Strap, it’s a neat idea; when we can have solar panels on backpacks and what not, then why not on a camera strap!

Source : yankodesign


4.Sustainable City Light by Philips Design


The street lights in my area have a mind of their own and flicker into life on whim. So when I hear of concepts like the Sustainable City Lights, it makes me go green with envy. It’s not asking too much for an intelligent lighting system that harnesses the solar and wind energy for itself. Lampposts intuitive enough to beam up the LEDs only when people are around.

Source : yankodesign

5.Soft Drink powered Battery For Mobile Phones



As an alternative to the present variety in mobile phone batteries, Bio battery sounds like a plausible solution. It feeds off carbohydrates (sugar) and utilizes enzymes as the catalyst to generate electricity. With the promise of lasting three to four times longer on a single charge than conventional lithium batteries, investing in a can of coke (Sometimes Alcohol!) every now and then doesn’t seem to be a bad proposition. Add to this, water and oxygen as residue when the battery dies, makes the concept sweeter!

Source : yankodesign

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